Best Practices in Decision Based Analytics for Strategic Planning

Using business analytics for strategic planning can foster overall improved company performance. Empirical data shows that better-performing companies inevitably have more sophisticated analytical planning processes, giving them what is, unquestionably, a competitive advantage.

However, to be actionable it is necessary to arrive a single version of ‘the truth’ and all departments must be on the same page and speaking the same language. This workshop will provide information on ways that business analytics can be integrated into an organization’s strategic planning and performance management contexts.
Attendees will get practical information on:

  • Define what big data means to your organization
  • Best uses for the analytics toolbox from a strategic planning perspective
  • Structure and package analyses, strategies and recommendations into highly effective, compelling communication
  • Integrating the analytical toolbox and new technologies in a cost effective manner
  • Build a data warehouse to drive your business towards increased growth and profits
  • Utilizing business analytics to deal with turbulent business environments
  • Driving key strategy and operations projects for an improved bottom-line

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